Decontamination and waste water treatment equipment

You who are looking for a solution to treat your effluent, this website will help you find reliable and cost-effective solutions. Since 1992, S.P.C.B, based in Saint-Ave in Morbihan in Brittany (France), has been able to develop and diversify its treatment of surfaces, treatment of water and filtration processes by providing a lasting partnership to its customers. To meet your requirements, the engineering of the SPCB company pole has developed its own range of recycling of process water equipment both on the dispenser bathroom, paint stripper, glues, electroplating bath, rinse water, etc. Thus was born the ASPIFLOC® range

On the treatment of industrial water

Industrials consume a lot of water in their manufacturing process.Water is a utility of first importance. The uses are varied: process waters, boiler, cooling, washing, water recycled in the process of production,…Its particular management, treatment and recycling is a performance challenge economic commitment, challenge that SPCB and its customers take up. It is obviously important to limit or prevent all possible contamination of industrial water on aquifers and rivers and the environment in general.

To do this, it is imperative to set objective, sustainable management of the water cycle. The multidisciplinary expertise of SPCB,a know-how recognized in the manufacture of chemical products for water treatment and surface treatments, knowledge in methods of change of facilities, its expertise in the types of pollution and methods of pollution control specific to every industrial to effectively treat its effluents brought its engineers to develop water reuse solutions that are practical, economic and efficient. Thus was born the line equipment ASPIFLOC®. These materials provide an answer with guarantee of result to the needs of different industries: productivity, energy savings and significant environmental impact reduction. Whatever the sector of activity: automobile, aviation, textile, metallurgical, electronic micro, furniture building, naval,… the ASPIFLOC® range is really back in the era of industrial ecology.

Bigbag filtration unit
Bigfloc Waste Filter
Compact skimming machine to filter paint overspray or glue waste water in paint booths with water curtain
Skimming Machine – Aspiflotatteur 1000
Decontamination equipment for water laden with paint with Aspifloc TS Skimmer
Water Filtration System – Aspifloc® TS Skimmer