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Research and development in the industrial sector for water, air and metal treatments

Since 1992, S.P.C.B, based in Saint-Ave in Morbihan in Brittany (France), has been able to develop and diversify its treatment of surfaces, treatment of water and filtration processes by providing a lasting partnership to its customers. To meet your requirements, the engineering of the SPCB company pole has developed its own range of recycling of process water equipment both on the dispenser bathroom, paint stripper, glues, electroplating bath, rinse water, etc. Thus was born the ASPIFLOC® range.

Combining his perfect knowledge of chemistry and industrial processes, the range ASPIFLOC® to respond to all requests for equipment for recycling of water and treatment of sludge (draining of liquids to solids).

We are moving our development, with the permanent objective of satisfying our customers.


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Our Address

SPCB Espaces dactivités Kermelin Nord
28 rue Lavoisier
56890 Saint-Avé (Vannes) France

Tel. 02 97 60 82 82
Telec. 02 97 60 85 69
Email. contact@aspifloc.com