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Our many years of experience (masters of all washing technologies) and our references, the SPCB company offers a range of equipment called ASPIFLOC® , technical solutions and processes meet your qualitative, economic and environmental requirements:

  • Ensure the zero discharge by integrating recycling water or cleaning agent to make savings.
  • Ensure the quality use of water in surface treatments including (guarantee a qualitative consistency of rinses, increase the life expectancy of rinsing baths, decontaminate electroplating baths, guarantee the quality of degreasing)
  • Decrease maintenance costs, space maintenance times and generally permanently preserve facilities.
  • Preserve this vital resource that is water for man and his environment.
  Some examples of wastewater treatment:

Decontamination of fluids on cabin paint curtain of water or treatment of glue, varnish, paints, inks, wash water in high pressure, backwash water, and more generally, any process of surface treatment in the metallurgical industry, the glass industry, plastic, paper, rubber, textile,… etc

Filtration and decontamination of surface treatment baths, effluent from washing, degreasing and conversion on the process of preparation and organic coating electrolytic.

Decontamination of water rinsing on application equipment paint hydro as well as the treatment of degreasing baths, pickling and conversion: ASPIFLOC® 800, ASPIFLOC® 200, ASPIFLOC® TS, EPUR OIL EPUR WATER, ASPIFLOC® TS SKIMMER HP2.

Decontamination equipment of the on curtain of water cabin and degreasing bath (range ASPIFLOC® , EPUR-OIL and EPUR-WATER).


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