Systems to process tribofinition
Bigfloc filtration media


Filter media on retention laden waste residues, wet sludge
Wash fountain and effluent treatment

Aspifloc® 24

Fontaine washing and treatment of waste water or mud paint, ink, glue, degreasing agent etc. ...
Decontamination center Aspifloc TS Skimmer

Aspifloc® TS Skimmer

Central decontamination MES, hydrocarbons, oils on bath surface treatment, electroplating bath, mineral laden effluent, etc ...
Wash fountain and effluent treatment, degreasing agent and cold water

Aspifloc® 50 EF

Fountain cleaning and processing of waste water or mud paint, ink, glue, degreasing agent and cold water.
central high capacity for oiling microfiltration treatment baths area

Epur Oil

Microfitration Central and separation...
Central microfiltration and Decontamination

Epur Oil PM

Details will be available soon
Treatment station Aspifloc 800

Aspifloc® 800

Water treatment by flocculation responsible for solvent-based paints, varnish ink, glue and more generally any contaminated water.


Central sewage sludge paintings cabin or water pits release curtain.
Aspifloc® TS Skimmer + Chambre Epur Oil GM

Aspifloc® TS Skimmer + Chambre Epur Oil GM

Oiling a hot degreasing phosphating
Car wash and treatment of water containing solvent-based paints

Aspifloc® 200

Station for the treatment of effluents loaded with solvent-based paints, hydro, tints, adhesives, latex, sludge, pickling, etc. ...

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