Oil Waste Removal Unit - Aspifloc® TS Skimmer GM

Automatic decontamination unit, high capacity
Automatic decontamination unit, high capacity

Automatic, high capacity decontamination plant for the removal of TSS, hydrocarbons and oils from surface treatment baths, electroplating baths, mineral-laden waste, etc.


  • High filtration capacity (flow rate: up to 150 liters / minute)
  • Automatic separation of liquids/solids
  • Reduction in waste removal costs as sludge is dewatered


  • Specifications:
    • Separation of all types of residue (sludge and solids) after flocculation for drying for dewatering
    • Waste collected by our filter bags (same as used with our Bigfloc unit)
    • Unit can be used with a large range of waste types
  • Size:
    • Length….2054 mm
    • Width…..1275 mm
    • Height….1708 mm
    • Weight….350 kg
    • Tank……260 liters (sludge tank 1000-liters)
  • Power Supply:
    • Compressed air & single phase electricity 210/220 Volts - 25 Amps

On option

  • Unit can be mounted on wheels so multiple tanks can be treated if required
  • EPUR-OIL GM or EPUR-WATER GM can be used depending upon requirements

For more information about our product, download our technical sheet in PDF format.

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