Degreasing Tank Cleaning - Aspifloc® TS Skimmer + Chambre Epur Oil GM

Aspifloc TS Skimmer + Epur oil

Aspifloc TS Skimmer + Epur oil

Aspifloc TS Skimmer HP + Epur Oil

Such materials have been surface preparation prior to painting with our system ASPIFLOC® TS SKIMMER HP

Aspifloc TS Skimmer + Room Epur Oil GM

Oiling a hot degreasing phosphating


  • Large treatment capacity: 70-100 liters per minute
  • Low operating costs: only two consumable items
  • Fast return on investment
  • Unit is supplied on wheels therefore can handle several baths


  • Specifications:
    • Removal of oils from degreasing baths or soluble oils used during machining.
    • Removal of suspended solids up to 5mm in size.
  • Size:
    • Length….1544 mm
    • Width…..1595 mm
    • Height….1427 mm
    • Weight….280 kg
    • Tank……190 liters
  • Maximum flow rate:
    100-liters per minute
  • Power Supply
    • Compressed air.
    • Electricity single phase 220/210 Volts - 15 Amps

On option

  • Automatic inline flocculation
  • Automatic inline neutralising
  • Automatic chemical dosing
  • Microfiltration chamber

For more information about our product, download our technical sheet in PDF format.

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