Degreasing Machine - Aspifloc® TS Skimmer HP2

Central processing washwater and degreasing

Central processing of washing water and the circuit closed during the degreasing operations by pump high pressure or booster


  • Reduce water consumption by over 95% when compared with standard degreasing tunnels.
  • 90% reduction in degreasing/phosphate chemical consumption.
  • Elimination of pollution during the degreasing of parts before repair before painting.
  • Fully automatic system.
  • Quick return on investment.


  • Specifications:
  • Electricity:
    Mono - 220/240 Volts - 15 Amps.
  • Compressed Air -
  • Size:
    Length : 3230 mm x Width : 1680 mm x Height : 1213 mm
  • Weight:
    390 kg
  • Tank:

On option

  • Additional filters/rinse to give 400+ hours s/s test.
  • Automatic dosing option

For more information about our product, download our technical sheet in PDF format.


Waste water from the polluted metal processing industries must not be returned to public drains or released into the natural environment. In addition to public health and environmental issues, respect for the regulations specific to each region and each country, the economic interest is an important aspect for managers which includes saving water and reducing the amount of chemicals used. So you have to treat them on site or get it treated or disposed by a specialist company.

To treat on site, at your plant, process Degreasing Machine - Aspifloc® TS Skimmer HP2 is a suitable component which has amply demonstrated its effectiveness. It is a water treatment unit for use in degreasing, washing and high pressure pump by rinsing in a closed circuit.

This innovative center designed by SPCB Company, enables the water recycling of suspended solids (TSS) in closed circuit. It is ideal for removing grease residue, oils, emulsions and metal shavings.

Our Degreasing Machine is used in a water management objective for industrial parts with high quality requirements term protection against oxidation and holding paint or other coating adhesion. You will find this system in all of the major manufacturers of large parts or parts cleaners industries: agricultural equipment, railway equipment, gate, concrete formwork, industrial bodywork, etc.

For future plant development projects, you will conceive more enormous settling ponds! You will think effluent management.

This central processing water Degreasing Machine - Aspifloc® TS Skimmer HP2 offers huge advantages among which one can note:

  • Reuse of the solution at degreasing and high pressure washing in closed circuit. No traces of oil is left on the parts to be cleaned.
  • Reduction of water consumption.
  • Consumption of degreasing agents and phosphating is reduced.
  • Pollution during the degreasing of parts before repair or before paint is removed.
  • All Functions are managed automatically.
  • The Process is optimized.
  • Full compliance with discharge standards is maintained
  • Quick return on investment.


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