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Epur Oil microfiltration Room


  • Working temperature range: 93°C (63°C for pump)
  • Filtration surface area: 2.8 m²
  • Sediment capacity: 9-10 liters
  • Oil surface area: 7.3 m²
  • Oil holding capacity: 23 l (+/- 2 L)


  • Specifications:
    • 1 purification chamber equipped with an easily removable holding sock/s containing absorbent material
    • 1 microfiltration chamber
    • Excellent microfiltration quality
    • Very low maintenance costs
    • Very low air consumption
    • Easy to maintain
    • Quick change of filtration material
  • Size:
    • Length….1060 mm
    • Width…..450 mm
    • Height….1060 mm
    • Weight….50 kg
  • Maximum flow rate:
    4800 L/H @ 1.5BAR
  • Power Supply:
    • Compressed air

On option

  • Holding frame can be fitted with wheels to make the unit mobile

For more information about our product, download our technical sheet in PDF format.


Epuroil is the central microfiltration and baths degreasing filtration / surface treatment, adapted to all models of tank for surface treatment, either for the industrial washing machines or the lines of degreasing and rinsing. The EPUROIL equipment allows the treatment of industrial waste water by reducing large amounts of TSS (suspended solids): whole oil, grease, metal oxides, sludge and other industrial dirt.

How does Epuroil degreasing filtration system work? The water flows under pressure through a canister or chamber filled with microfiltration cartridge, having regular pores of very small dimensions. They consist of long porous hollow fibres assembled in bundles in a cylindrical cartridge. They may be organic or inorganic in nature. The quality of these cartridges will depend on the type of effluent and customer demand. The second canister includes the absorbent whole oils. Thus, the result provides durable extend baths tanks (thus reducing maintenance costs). In addition, you avoid the IBC 1000 litre tanks where the effluent used can be stored before being retired by a specialized company in charge of pumping, transportation and disposal by a licensed sector.

The central microfiltration and baths degreasing filtration / surface treatment features:

  • A Compact and removable station for decontamination of effluents containing oils and pollutants of various nature
  • An Equipped microfiltration chamber coil or filter sock (modular solution)
  • An Equipped treatment room with a sock containing absorbent material (B-OIL ABSO PM) easily extractable
  • Reliable pump (can work at pH values of between 0 and 14)
  • Low compressed air consumption
  • Serviceability and load.
  • Excellent ability to microfiltration.
  • Low maintenance cost.

With all these elements, the product Epuroil meets international standards.

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