Process and filtraton equipment for pollutant-laden water

Bigbag filtration unit


Bigbag filtration unit easy to install. With or without retention tank. For all types of effluents: paint sludge, resin, glue etc.

Cleaning equipment for spray gun under cold water. Cleans needle, thread, spring, paint nozzle, brush and paintbrush

Aspifloc® 24

Wash fountain for paint, glue and resin spray gun, treatment of water laden with effluents and possibility of reusing your water.

50-litre Cleaning material for paint spray guns under cold water

Aspifloc® 50 EF

Wash fountain for paint nozzles and paint spray guns under cold water. Possibility of reusing the water free from any residues.

Cleaning equipment for spray gun under cold water. Cleans needle, thread, spring, paint nozzle, brush and paintbrush

Aspifloc® 50 EC

Fountain to wash nozzles and paint spray guns under hot water. Reuse of your water after treatment.

Bigfloc to filter water laden with varnish and paint sludge


Mobile system designed to treat water laden with paint coming from paint cabins or varnish cabins.

Semi-automatic tank equipped with a mixer for treatment through coagulation and filtering water laden with paint sludge

Aspifloc® 200

Treatment system for effluents laden with paint, ink, glue, scraping agent. On-site recycling of your effluents.

Storage tank with transfer pump for paint, glue, ink and resin flocculation – Aspifloc800

Aspifloc® 800

Large 800 liter tank to treat your water through flocculation and coagulation. For any type of contaminated water.

Decontamination equipment for water laden with paint with Aspifloc TS Skimmer

Aspifloc® TS Skimmer

Belt skimmer to collect and filter suspended matters from your effluents. Decontamination of water laden with hydrocarbon, heavy metals, oil, etc.

Automated filtration belt Skimmer for water laden with straight and soluble oil, high capacity

Aspifloc® TS Skimmer GM

Skimmer with a high filtration capacity to recycle your high-presure cleaning water.

Separation of suspended matter with belt skimmer to filter water laden with sludge with Aspifloc TS Skimmer 100 GD equipment

Aspifloc® TS Skimmer 100 GD

Roller-top skimmer equipment to separate sludge and suspended matter in your water through flocculation.

Compact skimming machine to filter paint overspray or glue waste water in paint booths with water curtain

Aspiflotatteur 1000

Skimmer machine with scraper which allows to separate liquids and solids for water laden with paint, glue, resin.

Belt skimmer equipment Aspifloc TS Skimmer with Epur oil to filter water laden with suspended matter

Aspifloc® TS Skimmer + Chamber GM

Deoiling Skimmer for industrial water laden with oil, hydrocarbon and grease. Surface treatment bath decontamination.

Storage tank for waste water,microfiltration and deoiling microfiltration integrated system for continuous reuse of the cleaning solution – Aspifloc TS

Aspifloc® TS Skimmer HP

Oil filtration machine coming from cleaning and degreasing parts. Reuse of water in your process. Zero discharge.

Industrial water decontamination equipment in closed circuit, zero discharge Aspifloc TS Skimmer HP2

Aspifloc® TS HP2

On-site system to collect and recycle degreasing water to filter and reuse it. Zero discharge solution. Close circuit.

Microfiltration chamber and surface treatment baths deoiling

Epur Oil

Microfiltration system for surface treatment baths Two chambers: microfiltration and purification/treatment.

Microfiltration equipment on mobile cart for surface treatment detergent bath deoiling

Epur Oil GM

Microfiltration equipment for degreasing and rinsing tanks. Decontamination of effluents laden with oil and pollutants. High capacity.

Waste water discolouration and purification through active carbon chamber equipment EPURWATER

Epur Water

Decontamination equipment for rinsing baths. Microfiltration, purification and decontamination of effluents throug flocculation/coagulation.

Microfiltraton and decontamination equipment for electroplating baths and waste water when surface treating by aspersion

Epur Water GM

Decontaminating electroplating baths, high capacity. Eliminates COD, BOD through flocculation. Reuse of the water in your process, work in closed circuit.

Washing platform without civil engineering with automated water recycling system in closed circuit

Washing Platform

Economic washing platform that does not require civil engineering. This equipment allows you to reuse the degreasing solution and therefore work in a closed circuit with zero discharge.

Ultrasonic cleaning tank for metal parts

Ultrasonic Tank

Ultrasonic cleaner tank for the degreasing of mechanical parts.

Engineering in filtration and decontamination of waste water during degreasing and pickling processing by integrating the equipment range Aspifloc.


Engineering and study of treatment and on-site waste water recycling. We offer you our expertise and know-how.

Storage tank for waste water laden with paint, glue or resin treatment through coagulation automated system to decontaminate and reuse water

Recycling Station Wash Water

Collection, filtration and recyling of waste water system through flocculation/coagulation for a quantity of effluents from 1000 to 15 000 litres or more.

Automatic treatment station and water storage after flocculation

High Capacity Equipment

Large storage water tank and automated decontamination system for big volumes of water to treat. Reuse of water in closed circuit and zero discharge.